Devices at All Saints

The use of digital devices and online services at All Saints is intended to enhance learning, wellbeing, educational achievement and engagement. Digital devices and online services can help students develop the skills needed for digital literacy, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and collaboration.

We are committed to keeping all students safe and supported online. At All Saints we are working towards becoming an eSmart school. Students in all year levels are regularly engaged in lessons that highlight the issues of cyber bullying, violence and online safety. 

Foundation and Year 1/2    

Our students in the junior classes have access to iPads which are used to complement the learning that is occurring in the classrooms. Students regularly use apps and subscriptions to learning tools that consolidate the student’s learning in the key areas of reading and mathematics. Year 1/2 students also use iPads to begin some basic online research to support their inquiry and writing units. Foundation students have a class of iPads, allowing one device per student, while Year 1/2 students access a set in the learning centre that allows for a 2 to 1 interaction. 

iPads are also the primary device used by this age group in their specialist Digi Tech lessons.      

Year 3    

As students enter the middle years of our school they move onto utilising Chromebooks as their main device. Students have access to a school set of Chromebooks that provides each student with a device for use at school. Through Google apps such as Docs and Slides, students develop their technology skills while engaging in contemporary methods of displaying their learning.  

Year 4/5/6   

Students in Year 4/5/6 have a one-to- one program using Chromebooks. In the classrooms this program primarily uses Google Apps for Education, to develop not only the necessary skills for technology, but also develop their understanding in all areas of the curriculum. Students are exposed to opportunities to develop their ability to use technology for research, word processing, as well as a range of audio-visual methods for displaying their learning. Classes also use Google Classroom to assign tasks, provide material and links, and set assessments for the students. They in turn have a digital portal to submit work to their teachers for feedback and assessment.   

Chromebooks are utilised in the Digi Tech lessons for students in Years 3-6 to support students in ability to perform tasks such as coding and programming.

All students and families are required to sign a contract agreeing to the conditions of use. These conditions are in place to ensure safety while children are online, both at home and in the classroom, ensure that devices are ready for use each day and being used appropriately.  

Purchasing a Chromebook

As students enter Year 4, families are required to purchase a Chromebook through the school for their child. The payment for the device includes the cost of an extended warranty and the necessary licenses. After the deposit is paid, the remaining cost is added to the school fees and is paid throughout the remaining years of school. At the end of Year 6 the Chromebook is the students to keep. 

Mobile Phones and personal devices

As part of the DOBCEL Digital Technology Policy students that bring a device such as a mobile phone or tablet to school are required to hand the device into their teacher each morning and they are not to be collected before the end of the day. Smart watches with phone capabilities are not permitted to be worn at school.