School Advisory Council

The SAC is the advisory group for the principal, providing support and advice in strategic planning, school improvement, educational outcomes and stewardship of resources. The School Advisory Council is a safe place where the principal, parents, and school community members can collaborate and provide informed advice and a community voice to the principal and to support the principal in their leadership responsibility for the educational community. 

The role of the School Advisory Council is to support the overall governance of DOBCEL and give consideration to and advice on important school matters to support the principal and the strategic interest of the school.

The following are some ways School Advisory Councils support the school and the principal:

  • supporting the enactment of the DOBCEL Strategic Intent and Directions
  • articulating and enacting the school's vision and mission
  • endorsing the school's Catholic ethos and culture
  • provide input into and support for the school improvement/strategic plan development and delivery
  • actively supporting and promoting child safety practices within the school 
  • supporting the processes of school improvement and school review
  • supporting the principal in meeting responsibilities and accountabilities for educational outcomes, effective stewardship of resources, master planning and annual reporting
  • supporting the principal in the encouragement of family engagement
  • enriching faith formation and development
  • implementing school policies as required

As outlined in the DOBCEL Governance Charter, SAC members do not have any financial or non-financial decision-making powers. The SAC is an advisory board, it is not a forum for grievances nor does the Council have any responsibility for the internal management of the school. 


2023 School Advisory Council

The current All Saints Parish School School Advisory Council members are: 

       Bonita Silva (Chairperson)

       Cameron McCallum

       Dean Beckman

       Ben Oswald

       Melinda Mackenzie

       Jamie Walsh (Principal)

       Kerri-Ann O’Keefe (Deputy Principal)

       Rochelle Bailey (Minutes/Admin)

       Joanne Drummond (Finance)